EMpowerME Sisters is a platform for mindset, body and soul sisters from across the world.


Founded by real-life sisters, Heledd and Lowri, it brings together empowered women from different walks of life who want to live their best life to learn and grow from each other.


In 2018, our lives completely changed when we started a journey of self-discovery. We realised that we were both feeling anxious, negative and lost in our day-to-day life. We knew there was more to life but had no idea how to get there!


For us, we got to a point where we realised this formula for ‘success’ that society pushes us towards just wasn’t making us happy. Luckily, we found a way to break free and now we’re on a mission to help other do the same!

We created EMpowerME - an amazing online empowerment platform that inspires and empowers women across the world to live their best life through transforming their mindset. (Want to learn more about our story?)


By collaborating with other amazing women from across the world, together, we can create an amazing platform where women can completely transform their life! 


‘I finally feel in control and free to make my choices and change my life’

I cannot thank EMpowerMe enough for their patience, acceptance and guidance as I start my journey to achieving my lifelong goals. They have taught me the power of daily affirmations and gratitude which now has become an integral part of my day to day life. Ive always considered my life goals a pipe dream that would require masses of good luck to ever come close too but now after only 4 coaching sessions with EMpowerMe I finally feel in control and free to make my choices and change my life. My confidence has grown, I am aware of my boundaries and have a clear vision of what I want. I feel that I already have all the things I desire. I am already that person I want to be, I am already successful and fulfilled thanks to the amazing and enabling guidance I have received from EMpowerMe. I am so grateful and excited to continue my journey with them and cannot recommend them enough. Try it.. be empowered.. you will not regret it!

Michaela, 30 

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