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In 6 weeks, you could feel more confident, positive and in control of your life than ever before.

The Millennial Mindset Makeover™ Group programme is now IN SESSION! Join the waitlist for the next round or get started with the Basic membership and straight away!

Are you ready to discover your inner confidence and stop existing and start thriving in your life? 

Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and take control of your life?

Are you ready break up with negative patterns – overthinking, self-criticism and fear-based thinking keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to feel more motivated and excited about your life and start living it on your terms?


Are you ready for a brand new you?


As mindset coaches, we support people who are feeling negative and stuck, and help them break up with bad habits, create new empowering beliefs so they can feel more positive, and confident than ever before to live the life they truly desire.


Through our online programme and coaching, we’ll guide you through each step as you start understanding yourself on a deeper level and gain a new insight into what is holding you back. We’ll provide you with practical tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and learn how to accept and start loving yourself, so you can stop existing and start living a life that fills you with joy!

What is The Millennial Mindset Makeover™?

It’s our proven 6-week online programme for millennial women, that shows you how to break up with unhealthy patterns in your life causing you to feel anxious, negative, unmotivated and even lost. It provides you with practical tools + strategies to create new empowering beliefs in order to live a more confident and joyful life you've always desired without wasting time struggling alone and spending £1000s on coaching.  

You will be supported and guided through the journey alongside an amazing group of likeminded women as you learn and grow together and will have lifetime access to all of these tools!

The Millennial Mindset Makeover™ is open to every woman who wants to feel more positive and empowered to live a life filled with even more confidence, love and freedom than ever before.



‘The course has helped me feel more positive and motivated’

I have recently completed the… course with the EmpowerMe sisters. The course has helped me feel more positive and motivated to achieve the things I want to achieve. I also love reading their posts and watching their live videos as they make me feel more empowered!!

Cerys, 27

Why The Millennial Mindset Makeover™?

Having worked closely with millennial women, we understand the pressures faced by so many young women today – feeling anxious, negative self-talk, people-pleasing, over-thinking, feeling negative and comparing ourselves to others.

We, as millennial women, have lived through rapid change and face not only financial struggle like no other generation but also feel overwhelmed to create this ‘successful’ and perfect life emulated by what we see on social media and what society tells us that we should be doing to be happy! But the problem is – this is not where we find true happiness which causes so many of us to feel trapped, lonely and lost in life. 

Times are changing and we're seeing more and more that people aren't willing to just settle – we want freedom, joy and fulfilment but with such busy lives how do we get there?

Mindset coaching is the answer, but the problem is that so many of the coaching programmes out there are so expensive and price so many young women out!

So, this is where The Millennial Mindset Makeover™ comes in comes in! We help you transform your life without wasting time struggling alone and spending £1000s on coaching.

How Does it Work?

The Millennial Mindset Makeover™ helps women transform their life through our specially designed 6-week online programme.

We guide you through each of our video modules week-by-week in our specially designed member’s area of our website and you will be given specific tasks to complete in your workbook to put your learning into action. You will receive exclusive access to bonus resources to explore and delve deeper as you start your journey of self-discovery!

You also get access to our exclusive Facebook Group (a brand new community for you to thrive with other amazing women) where you will receive live group coaching each week where you can ask discuss, share and questions and get support from us and others in the group!

Once you’ve graduated from the Group Coaching you will be added to the exclusive Graduate Facebook Group where you can continue your journey with other graduates.

What is Included in the Group Memberships?























Whats Included...


Easy to follow step-by-step video modules broken down into manageable chunks to learn and develop: 1. Evaluate, 2. Envisage, 3. Educate, 4. Embrace, 5. Evolve, 6. Empower



Specific actionable tasks to complete in the downloadable workbook to help you concrete your learning and put into action in the real world.



Exclusive access to extra videos, resources and trainings on the website that are updated regularly.  



All resources and videos are digital and downloadable, so you can login and revisit at any time and do it at your own pace.



Powerful group coaching sessions where you will be mentored and motivated on your journey and able to ask questions (live on the closed Facebook group).



Private Facebook community where you can connect with like-minded women, can speak daily, support one another and offer accountability and inspiration.




1-hour video group coaching credit where you come on live video chat with us and a small group of other members to receive an intensive coaching session on the subject of your choice. (Dates will be announced in group – T&C’s apply).

The Programme IS

for you If...

The Programme IS NOT

for you if...

  • You’re feeling negative and in a rut but ready to take action and do something about it!

  • You keep questioning – ‘Is there more to life?’

  • You feel trapped and unfulfilled in your day-to-day life and you’re ready to break free and find true fulfilment!

  • You’re feeling bored and you want to find some more passion and happiness!

  • You’re ready to make a change in your life, but you want extra help to get where you want to be!

  • You’re feeling lost in many areas of your life and you’re ready for clarity!

  • You find yourself wishing and dreaming of a better life, but not quite sure how to get there?

  • You’re ready to surround yourself with positive and motivated people like you  

  • If you’re committed to taking action

  • You’re not willing to put in the work

  • You don’t think you need to change

  • You’re going to let your life control you


Our online programme follows the ‘Transform with E’s’ blueprint that we have created for the transformation process – allowing us to break down and chunk into 6 manageable steps:

The 6 Modules

Module 1: Evaluate

Evaluating your current mindset with A Clear Deep Focus!

This first module is all about digging deep to really find out about you and how your mind currently works. You’ll analyse the 8 areas of your life and start to uncover what is really holding you back. You’ll gain a new understanding of why you have certain disempowering habits and behaviours and get clear on why certain changes are needed.


Module 2: Envisage

Envisage your dream mindset by Freeing Yourself!

This second module is all about opening your mind to the amazing possibilities of your future without any limitations. You’ll find out what really makes you tick and start getting excited as you learn how to create and design the life you’ve always wanted. 


Module 3: Educate 

Challenge your current mindset and Leave Excuses Behind!

In the third module, now that you know where you are and where you want to be – we help you work out what’s stopping you from getting to your dream life. You’ll identify what your excuses are and what limiting beliefs are holding you back. It’s time to challenge these beliefs and start re-writing the narrative as you progress in your journey.  


Module 4: Embrace

Adopt a new mindset and Start Seeing & Believing Your Dream!

The fourth module, is all about re-learning and re-wiring your mindset in order to become the best version of yourself. You’ll learn to love and appreciate yourself on a deeper level, set boundaries, control your emotions and create a new empowered daily routine.


Module 5: Evolve

Putting the new mindset to work Right Away!

The fifth module is all about taking big action! We’ll show you how to break down your big goals and dreams into manageable chunks. You’ll learn how to review and reward yourself as you progress on your journey.


Module 6: Empower

How to sustain Long-term Results with your mindset!

The sixth and final module is all about the long term. Now that you’ve come to the end of the programme, we’ll show you how you can use the tools and techniques to continue with momentum in the future. We will help you reflect, review and refine as you work through challenges and continue to grow and develop into the best version of yourself. 


When does the programme start and finish?
If you’re a Basic member – you can start the online course whenever you like!
There are set dates for the group programmes - these will be announced on our website. The programme lasts for 6 weeks but remember you’ll have lifetime access to the online programme (and if you’re a Group or VIP member – you will have access to the Graduate Facebook group after the 6 weeks is up too!)

Do I have to follow the course live or can I do it in my own time?
It’s completely up to you but we recommend doing one module per week in order to make steady and consistent progress but feel free to take it at your own pace! You can either follow the course timetable by completing the set module within the week and then taking part in the group coaching the following Monday evening. Or, you can decide and complete the programme in your own time. You can watch the lives on replay whenever you want!

How long do I have to access the programme?
When you sign up as a Basic member, you will automatically have lifetime access to the online programme modules, workbook and extra bonus via the website. 
When you sign up as Group or VIP member, you will have lifetime access to all that plus the Facebook group. Each cohort will have their own exclusive Facebook group (for example – ‘The Millennial Mindset Makeover™ September 2019’). Once you’ve graduated from the programme you will be added to the Facebook Graduate group where you can continue your journey with other graduates! Remember lifetime access means you can revisit all of the modules, the workbook and extra bonuses at your leisure.

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, we do offer payment plans. You can either pay in a one off payment, or you can pay in instalments (click here for more info).

Do I get access to everything all at once, or do I have to wait?
You will get access to everything but we’ve set up in a way you’ll need to complete one module in order to move on to the next.

What do I get exactly with the programme?
Please see What’s included? for a full break down (click here to take me there).

How much time do I need to invest in this programme?
On average, you will need approximately 2 hours a week. One hour on the video modules + workbook and another hour on the live group coaching (Group + VIP Members only). However, everyone is different and the more time and energy you put into the programme, the more you’ll get out of it. We also include some daily tasks and discussions in the Facebook group too to help you progress and develop further.


How does the live group coaching work?

Every week, we will do a live group coaching on the Facebook cohort group (up to 1 hour) where you can watch live or on replay. You can post your questions before-hand or live and we will answer your questions and coach you through the module for that week. 


Learn more about 1:1 coaching. Please enquire about 1:1 coaching.