On the outside, we had it all – good jobs, a supportive and loving family, on the property ladder and settling down – so why weren’t we happy?!

In 2018, we started our journey of self-discovery that changed everything…

The truth is, we’d both struggled with feeling anxious and down on-and-off for years and constantly felt stressed, insecure and deep down anything but fulfilled. We found ourselves constantly feeling up and down, living for the holidays and weekends and couldn’t find a way out!

We tried to find happiness by losing weight, changing jobs, getting into a relationship, getting on the property and we even tried mindfulness–  whilst these helped in the short term, we always found ourselves back at square one! Like most people, we accepted that this was how life was meant to be – and so pushed it down and battled on. 

Until one day, we realised that we couldn’t live like this anymore! The stress was making us ill and we didn’t want to live the rest of our lives filled with negativity, sadness and shame.

So, we took a chance and sought the support of a coach who revealed to us that everything that we desired - the happiness, the love, the confidence, the freedom and the feeling of being in control of our life – all of it was totally achievable but only if we had the right mindset! And at that moment – we were far from it!

So, we started working on ourselves and began to re-wire our mindset and the course of our lives changed forever! We started changing habits, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, adopting new empowering beliefs and going after the life we truly desired. We were coached, read lots of new books, listened to podcasts, went on courses – completely immersed ourselves in this new mindset. 

We saw ourselves transform - from disempowered to empowered, from unfulfilled to fulfilled and from dreaming about our dream life to actually creating and living it! 

We felt so excited that we wanted to share what we now knew with others and in February 2019 - EMpowerME was born!

It really wasn't easy…. to quit our jobs and start a new venture. We left behind a work community, a steady income and certainty about our future. Lots of people didn't understand what we were doing and at times, it felt like a battle. We were facing a few challenges head on. But deep down, we knew it was the right thing because even though we left some things behind, we welcomed what we’d always wanted- the freedom, a passion and purpose, a new confidence, fun and creativity and above all true fulfilment which is what we always dreamed of!

We knew that we had to share what we’d learned with others and started creating a community of people supporting each other through their journeys of transformation (something that we didn’t have when we started).

And shortly after, our brand new online programme was created - The Millennial Mindset Makeover™ where we show others exactly how we went from feeling negative and anxious to taking control of our life and living with more love and confidence than ever before!

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